I do, and there is nothing more fantastic than living your life by doing what you love. For years I tried to translate this feeling into words but I never found the right ones until today. Massimo Vignelli of Vignelli Associates explains it from the heart and I could not have done a better job… here is the direct quote from his book “The Vignelli Canon“:

“Throughout our creative lives we have sifted through everything to select what we thought best. We sifted through materials to find those for which we have the closest affinity. We sifted through colors, textures, typefaces, images, and gradually we built a vocabulary of materials and experiences that enable us to express our solutions to given problems – our interpretations of reality.

It is imperative to develop your own vocabulary of your own language – a language that attempts to be as objective as possible, knowing very well that even objectivity is subjective.

I love systems and despise happenstance.

I love ambiguity because, for me, ambiguity means plurality of meanings. I love contradiction because it keeps things moving, preventing them from assuming a frozen meaning, or becoming a monument to immobility.

As much as I love things in flux, I love them within a frame of reference – a consistent reassurance that at least and at last I am the one responsible for every detail.

And that is why I love Design.”


Thank you Massimo.